Introducing the Alfaparf Milano Professional US Artistic Team

Introducing the Alfaparf Milano Professional US Artistic Team
   Introducing The Alfaparf Milano Professional US Artistic Team! This team is an elite group of artists whose goal is to bring the Alfaparf Milano Professional brand to life - for YOU - our APMP stylist community, and to bring out Italian excellence in us all.
Cassie Siskovic

US National Artistic Director



Cassie is the National Artistic Director and leader of the APMP Artistic Team. She specializes in intuitive hair color, styling and cutting, and gets the majority of her inspiration from Italian high fashion and music. Cassie has been in the industry for 12 years, 9 of which have been in brand work and education. Her vision for the Artistic Team is to inspire, challenge, and collaborate with talent in the industry, while creating positive change in the entire beauty category along the way.

Jeannetta Walker- Rodgers
Artistic Team Member, US Technical Director

Jeannetta Walker- Rodgers is the Technical Director for APMP USA, and Artistic Team Member. She specializes in marrying the science and art of hair color into one, and loves cutting and editorial styling. Jeannetta has been in the industry for 23 years, and has been educating for Alfaparf Milano Professional for almost 8 years. One of her goals on the Artistic Team is to make impactful changes on how we approach diversity and inclusion while empowering other black stylists to continue to elevate in the industry.

Bianca Cox

Alfaparf Milano Professional Ambassador + Domestic Academy Owner



Bianca Cox is the owner of Hair Throne, 13 chair 3 story Manhattan salon + APMP Academy, and Artistic Team Member. She is an expert in modern balayage techniques and end results, and continues to set the tone of whats trending in the balayage category. Bianca has been in the industry for 9 years, and has been a salon owner for 6 years. She has been in the Alfaparf Milano Professional family since the beginning of her career, and she is one of the top Brand Ambassadors on our team. Bianca is one of the best artists to follow and learn from when it comes to mastering balayage both artistically and scientifically.

Q: What is the APMP US Artistic Team?

The APMP Artistic Team is an elite group of carefully selected US based
artists that collaborate to bring the Alfaparf Milano Professional
Global Italian Brand to life for US stylists and consumers.
Q: What is the purpose of the APMP US Artistic Team?

We are here to tell everyone about Alfaparf Milano Professional, The Italian
House of Beauty. Our goal is to connect with and inspire our fellow stylists to
realize their full potential.  We constantly challenge each other to make
decisions with the intention to create positive change in the beauty industry, to
move differently and take artistic risks, and always show up in the
industry with authenticity. We’re here to challenge our stylist community as
well. We believe in stylists and the astounding impact we have on the world
in beauty. We’re here to remind our peers of the impact we make through our
craft and want to contribute to maximizing that impact in any way we can.
To do all of this, we represent Alfaparf Milano Professional US as an Artistic
Team and focus our collective artistry on bringing out Italian excellence in

Q: What makes this team different? 


Part of our mission is to approach every project, show, and opportunity with
the determination to make decisions that create positive change in the
beauty industry. Big or small, we will always come back to our values to
make decisions. We believe this holds us accountable to put action behind
our words when it comes to industry-wide challenges. This includes diversity
& inclusivity (in both artist and model representation), social sustainability,
economic sustainability, and environmental sustainability. All decisions are
made with real, lasting, and authentic positive change as the goal.
Aside from us being a younger, all women team, we all have different styles
and influences. Together, we create balance and relatability. It helps that we
understand the times we’re in when thinking about social media, the need
for new ideas constantly and having the ability to change quickly. I also know
we’re all equally obsessed with a higher level of artistry and have great
passion when working together. The teamwork and chemistry we have is
fluid and that is a gift.

Q: What does it mean to be an artist on the US APMP Artistic Team? What are some of the rewarding things, and some of the responsibilities?

Anytime you are surrounded by people that are inherently good and also
talented, you will grow. There is an abundance of growth opportunity in
being a part of the Alfaparf Milano Professional community, and this team.
Growth is one of the biggest rewards. We also get to elevate our artistry with
a business mindset. We are creative business women. We channel our talent,
style, and taste through strategy, alignment, and purpose. That’s a high
value skill to develop.

We’ve heard “with great power comes great responsibility”. I’m always
trying to remind myself, and the team of our responsibilities as leaders and
artists in our industry. Our decisions, our art, how we represent ourselves, it
all matters. Because its our responsibility to inspire others through what we
do. So what we do must be authentic, powerful, and helpful to our
community. We each take this responsibility very seriously in the
development of our artistic projects. Were here to create with purpose, and
that responsibility fuels us just as much as our creative spirit does.


Q: How will this team impact stylists in the industry?

Our team has so many opposing and parallel life and career experiences.
That’s the beautiful part though. We bring our experiences to the table, with
transparency and honesty. Being relatable to our peers, and uplifting stylists.
Relatability brings esteem, self-awareness, and hope that no matter what
you’ve been through, you don’t give up. You continue with curiosity,
becoming a lifelong learner, leveling up whenever and wherever you can... in
life and career.


Q: How will this team impact the way stylists work in the salon on a day to day basis? 

This team will inspire stylists to explore...EVERYTHING. We encourage stylists
to master the fundamentals of hairdressing and color, so that they have time
for CREATIVITY. Zoning in on full customization for their clients will always
read EXPERT.


Q: Why is it important that a team like this exists both for Alfaparf Milano
Professional and the pro beauty industry?

It’s important that a team like the one we have exists so that we can be a
true example of not only a diverse group of women from a cultural
standpoint, but also a diverse skill set. Hair is so multi-faceted both in a
creative and business sense, therefore it is vital that our artistic team not
only understands that but embodies it. Within Alfaparf Milano Professional,
it’s very important for us to stay in front of modernity, continuing to evolve
hair color trends on all hair types, and maintaining excellence the whole way


Q: How can stylists be a part of this? 

Our team is designed for collaboration. The three categories of the Artistic
team include our Core Artists [consistent], Key Contributors [fluid] and Guest
Artists [fluid].
Our core group of artists [Cassie, Bianca, Jeannetta] are always on the look
out for talent in the industry to work with. We often seek out stylists to fulfil
our “Key Contributor” category, which is space for stylists to come work with
us, show their skills and individual contributions while supporting a project.
We also have space for “Guest Artists” which is for artists that have a
specific skillset to contribute to the project and can work alongside the

Artistic Team. While each category does have certain requirements to
qualify, we believe in the strength of collaboration and will always create the
space to feature stylists in our community.



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The APMP US Artistic Team is bringing Alfaparf Milano Professional, The Italian House of Beauty, to life at the Behind the Chair Show this weekend in Orlando, FL. Follow the artists and @alfaparfusa to see our clips of our presentation, behind the scenes posts on model prep, and the final looks for the show! 

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