Social Selling– Here's Why and How To Do It

Social Selling– Here's Why and How To Do It

Let’s talk about social selling!!!
Eww... she just uses the “s word”. Yes, yes I did.

Social Selling is an important part of what we do. Why? Because, we have the opportunity to provide incredible solutions to our client’s problems AND add more to our bottom line. Selling might not feel sexy, but I sure hope that offering solutions does!

If you aren’t talking about your retail offerings through your social media platforms, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to do 3 things.

1. Promote yourself as an expert. 

Talking about what products you use and why makes you sound super smart

2. Diversify your content.

Did someone say less pictures of hair??? YES!  Using social selling as part of your retail strategy not only breaks up the aesthetic look of your content, but it also means you have to come up with fewer pictures of hair.  

3. Target your guests who are more visual learners.

Some people learn better by physically seeing information.  You can create educational opportunities for them in the salon by showing them what you are using and how you use it.  And encourage more learning by promoting it on your social media! Win!

Alfaparf just came out with a new Semi Di Lino Smooth line and this would be a great opportunity for you to flex your skills at creating content for social selling!


Here’s 3 ways to talk about Semi Di Lino Smooth:

1. WHAT type of hair is this product line perfect for?

Any hair that deals with unwanted frizz!

2. Tutorial of HOW to actually use it.

This is an awesome opportunity to use video content to showcase a blowout after using  the Smooth shampoo, mask and cream on a guest (or even yourself).

3. WHAT major problems does this product solve?

Controls FRIZZY and difficult to manage hair by re-aligning the fibers and counteracting frizz caused by humidity and atmospheric agents –even at 98% humidity!

Did that help give you some ideas??? I sure hope so!  

Oh, I want to mention, social selling content isn’t necessarily going to be your “best performing” content for engagement.  We always want to pick one overall goal per piece of social content, and this goal is for SALES!  So, don’t take it as a failure if you don’t get a ton of likes.  I promise that the information exposure to your current and future guests will pay off in way bigger ways than a double tap..if you get what I mean!

You can do this! Happy posting!
Missy Megginson @soyourahairstylist

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