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Affiliate Program


With all the changes in the world today, there is one thing that remains constant – you are a community of talented professionals who share a passion for beauty, and you inspire and help others feel their most beautiful. You offer your expertise and knowledge to your clients, friends, followers, and community. That expertise is a result of dedication to your craft, training and licensing, and ongoing education. It is your passion and your livelihood. Throughout this unique time in history, as we build a new normal, the Alfaparf Group wants to give you options for driving your business and supporting you.



We have designed the Alfaparf Group affiliate partnership as an option for how you can sell retail to your client. Perhaps you sell retail in your salon space. Great! Keep it up! But perhaps you do not want to carry inventory, or you have clients that span across the nation. Now you can gain commission as an affiliate of Alfaparf.

We’re looking for affiliates who want to extend their knowledge and recommendations for Alfaparf Group products and are enthusiastic about helping customers choose the right treatments for their hair, skin, or body. Since every customer is unique, we rely on your partnership to help guide and personalize their basket, in order to meet their beauty goals.



With the Alfaparf Group affiliate partnership, you’ll receive a 25% commission for every order made using your link on our page. Cookies are set up for 14 days, and you are able to earn commission for every hair, skin and body product across our family of brands; including Alfaparf Milano, Yellow, Dibi Milano and Olos. Together we can help customers gain access online to the products you already love and trust and be introduced to new professional retail products.

• Earn 25% commission*

• Ability to earn commission on all product sales directed from your site

• Includes sales extended across all Alfaparf Group Brands: Alfaparf Milano, Yellow, Dibi Milano and Olos

• 14 day cookie length

• Affiliate portal to track sales, commissions & payouts

• No need to hold inventory, we pick, pack and ship directly to the customer

• Product training opportunities upon request


What commission do I earn?

Affiliates earn 25% on all retail purchases on that will be tracked by your Affiliate ID, less 5.8% for processing fees such as CC and Affiliatly.

When do I get paid?

Payout commissions are done monthly if the value is $20 or more. If the value is less than $20 it will accrue and be paid out the following month.

How long does the cookies for my link last?

Cookies are set up for 14 days.

I'm having trouble setting up my account - how can I get help?

Our Professional team is here for you! Just email with your questions.

How do I refer clients?

The easiest way to refer clients is by sharing links of our shop which you can paste on your personal website or on social media. To get your affiliate link go to your “Info page” or to page “Link generator”.

When I try to download a banner, it is showing me a black screen. What does this mean?

Try logging in on a different browser. Using safari usually solves this issue.

Can I generate a link to a specific Alfaparf Group product?

Yes! Click on the Link Generator tab. Copy and paste the link of the specific page onto blank tab labeled ‘Link’ and click generate on the bottom. This will generate both an affiliate link and an HTML code.

What’s the difference between an affiliated link and an HTML code?

Your affiliate link can be used and shared in social sites. Your HTML code is also your affiliated link, but formatted for use in websites and blogs. Your HTML code CAN’T be shared on social sites.

Can my account be suspended?

As we have limited spots for our Affiliate Program, any account that is not active or generating sales within a 30 day period will be suspended.


What webiste must purchases be made when using my link to receive the commision?

Purchases must be mades via our page to earn the commission.