3 Things You Can Do TODAY to Sell More Retail

3 Things You Can Do TODAY to Sell More Retail

I want to give you 3 actionable steps to start getting more comfortable with the idea of “selling” retail and hopefully START seeing results!  If you just saw the word “retail” and immediately got grossed out, STOP THAT!  One of the huge things that 2020 taught us was how important it is as service providers to have multiple streams of revenue!  Extra money not selling you on the idea of retail?  What if I told you that it actually provides you an insurance policy for your work?!  Who wants to spend all of that time and effort on a new year makeover for their guests, only to have them come back with their hair looking *ahem not so great all because of their home hair care? No one, that’s who. 

1. Talk about “home hair care” during your consultation!

When your guest sits down and puts their feet up to tell you all of their hair “woes” that is the perfect opportunity to plant your first seed about what products they NEED in their life to either fix their problems or maintain the look you are going after for their appointment.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, and you don’t even need to show them any physical products.  

An example of a consultation product plug could look like this:

“Ok, so in order to maintain the blonde we are going after today you’re definitely going to want to use a purple-based shampoo weekly to keep those yellow hues from popping up.  I have an awesome one here that I can custom blend just for you to keep your tone in perfect shape until I see you back if you don’t already have one!”

See what we did there?!  This lets your guest know that they ARE going to see yellow over time, AND gives you the perfect spot to plug a shampoo with added Pigments!  Side note pigments are awesome because, hello you can’t buy that at the drug store just saying.


2. Tell them what you’re using at the shampoo bowl.

Shampoo bowl sales are the easiest way to plug retail and yet the most underused!  The shampoo experience needs to stay just that, an experience.  But, we can very simply let our guests know what shampoo and conditioner we have chosen to use on them and why!

An example could sound like this:

“Since I know your hair is feeling extra dry right now I’m going to use the Semi Delino Nutrative Shampoo and Mask on you today!  I’m actually going to leave the mask on for an extra 3 minutes just to make your hair feel really rehydrated today and that’s something that would be really good for you to do at home too!”

No “selling” just pure education and information!  You will be shocked and how many conversations about products take place just from taking the time to explain what you’re doing!


3. Have a Follow Up Post Consultation

This is the part that might make you feel a little squirmy.  That’s OK!  Remember when just doing a one-length haircut on a real human made you feel squirmy too?!  Getting used to having a simple “call to action” or “offer” for your guests to leave with products will change your retail game.

Keeping it super casual, and not pushy makes it feel like a win for both of you.  That way there is an opportunity for a “no” from them, but not a missed opportunity for a “yes” because you didn’t ask.

An example of a follow-up would be:

“Your hair seriously looks amazing, and I love this tone on you!  Do you want me to set you up with a custom toned purple shampoo today or are you all good?”

Sweet and simple.

I can’t even begin to tell you how owning our own retail selling power has been a game-changer in my salon over the past year.  My hope for you is that retail starts feeling less sleazy slimy and more like you being the expert that you are!  

Happy retailing my friends!

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